New Crystals for a New Moon

I think it is fitting that some of the first new crystals from Tucson to go up on the site are the Himalayan Growth Interference Quartz.  These crystals are also called Nirvana Quartz, and Bhomondal, which means Universe.  At this New Moon, they can help us focus on what is possible in our lives.  With their soft, but powerful energy, they assist us in getting clear on what we truly want, and in co-creating this with Spirit.  March will bring the Equinox and the true beginning of the year when the seeds we plant, the ideas we old firmly in our consciousness will begin to grow with the growing light.  Now is the time to focus on these things we want to call into being, so that by the Equinox they will be firmly planted in our mind’s eye.  Then we surrender them to Spirit and watch them grow beyond our wildest imaginings.  Use this crystal to assist in these creative imaginings, to get clear and focus on your highest dreams.

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Letters from Tucson

Part of what makes Tucson so interesting is the people you encounter on a daily basis.  In a metaphysical show such as the one I am in, there are some very distinctive characters.  Here are a few that stick out in my mind and bring a smile to my face.

Roland is the guy who always has some kind of a deal for you. He walks around buying things from one person and selling them to the next one.  Even though you know that you could buy the same thing from the original vendor at a cheaper price, somehow Roland can talk you into buying whatever it is he has, simply through his persistence and his quirky sense of humor.

Genevieve the sandwich girl.  She comes around every day with a cooler full of homemade sandwiches that are delicious, and a welcome relief from the fast food offered at the show.  She is a free spirit whom I have known since I began coming to Tucson.  On the subject of finding love at the show, she comments, “Not a good idea”.  Which makes a lot of sense except that I found love in Tucson 3 years ago that is still going strong today.  You never know.  Things happen here. 

Merlin and Dan are two brothers from Montana, who make the most beautiful cut stones from things they pick up on the ground around Yellowstone, or rough stone they buy because they can see beauty hiding inside.  They are Harley riders from the old school, men who come to Tucson simply to sell their stuff.  Much f the metaphysical lore is silly to them, although I know that the stones speak to them in a lanuage that they alone can interpret.

On the other end of the spectrum from Merlin and Dan is Bev, the light being from Mt. Shasta who sells crystal bowls.  I go to her booth when I can’t stand the insanity anymore, and I find an oasis of calm and healing.  One of the first days I was in Tucson, I went there out of curiosity and found a crystal bowl infused with diamond.  She played it as I stood there and let pure light energy come in from a dimension beyond any I have yet experienced.  She then played a citrine bowl, which opened me up and allowed this other dimensional energy to enter my body on another level.  Bev has a whole series of sound healing rooms set up in Mt. Shasta - that may have to be my next trip.  I have made a promise to myself to buy as many of her gem infused bowls as I can.  Her website is, for those of you who want to know more.

We will be packing up and leaving in a few days, but these and other memorable people and things will be staying with me as I travel back.  Oh, and I will be bringing back lots of new and lovely things with me.  Stay tuned in the weeks to come.

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Letters from Tucson

There are many facets to the Tucson experience.  People from all over the world bring their stones, and all manner of things made from stones to this place once a year.  This is the largest gathering of treasure from the Earth Mother that there is.  Many languages are spoken here and underneath it all is the language of the Earth, solid, strong, and timeless.  Simply there for us to witness, to feel the vibrant pulse if we wish, to appreciate the stunning variety and exquisite beauty that it represents.

Many of the people who come here for the crystals, jewels and other objects are here to buy and sell them.  There are scientists and geologists here to study them, determine their ages, discuss their composition and origin.  Some are here out of curiosity, others are just passing through.  Thousands of people with one thing in common - rocks.

As I watch people passing through from the vantage point of the booth, I wonder if they can feel the subtle magic of the stones.  I am amazed at the different levels in which the crystals work with all who come in contact with them from the geologist, to the dreadlocked rainbow kids, to the retirees who come just to be entertained.

Many dramas large and small get played out as I watch this bizarre bazaar.  I feel the energy that has amassed here, and I wonder what would happen if everyone just took a moment, stopped what they were doing, and with one intention, directed this tremendous energy back into the Earth with gratitude.

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