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Spirit Dancer Summer Schedule 2014

July 11-12        Trunk Show, Sol D’Licious, Kenosha, WI More Information

July 25-27        Trunk Show and Healing Session with Jean, Cosmic Connections, Nashville, TN More Information

Aug. 9-10         Peruvian Shamanic Workshop, Genesee, WI More Information

Aug. 16-17       Body Mind Spirit Expo, Skokie, IL More Information

Sept. 5-7          Celebration Expo, Denver, CO More Information

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The Feminine Face of Peru: Ñusta Initiation Workshop

What is the essence of the Ñusta transmission?  It is the feminine balance to what has been a primarily masculine tradition (or at least what has been taught in our culture).  The Ñustas, when explained at all, are simply called the princesses or priestesses who have some vague connection to Machu Picchu.  These initiations have been recently shared in the U.S., for the first time several years ago.  At the time they were first shared, there was an urgency among the Andean paqos (medicine men) to create a re-balancing of the divine feminine energies for planetary healing.

That urgent need has not disappeared with the turning of the ages.  If anything there is more need for balance now than ever.  The elementals and earth spirits are demanding a deeper connection and honoring to create and bring balance, that is long overdue.

In this 2-day workshop, the feminine face of Peru - the Ñustas - are prompting us to come back to the simple honoring of ourselves, our place of origin in this body, and our vision and dreams for both a personal and collective future.  This workshop contains a way, through ceremonial honoring, to connect with the seven primary feminine icons of the Peruvian Andean tradition.  Through this connection, we honor and balance in ourselves the seven energy centers, seven Pleiadian sisters, and the seven directions within this tradition.

Personally, these transmissions were some of the most beautiful I have experienced in my many years of study in Peru.  The rites are deeply healing on a personal level, and at the same time they honor the Earth in a deeply moving way.  They are a way home to ourselves.  This workshop will be facilitated by Jean Tindle and Lois Remeikis.

Basic details are below.  Note: you must pre-register and pay for this workshop.  Early bird registration, with a 10% discount is available until July 5th.

For more details and to register click here.

The Details

Date and Time:     1:00 pm, Saturday Aug. 9, 2014 to 2:30 pm Sunday Aug. 10, 2014

Place:                     Home of Lois Remeikis, Genesee, WI (details upon registration)

Cost:                      $250.00 ($225.00 before July 5th). Cost includes dinner Saturday night and lunch on Sunday.  Does not include lodging.  A list of places to stay will be provided on registration.

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Lithium Quartz

Lately, almost everyone I talk to at shows or in healing sessions will sooner or later ask me - “What is a good stone to relieve stress, to calm me, to bring more balance into my life?” My go-to response for this is quartz with lithium, or lepidolite (which also contains lithium).

The calm and soothing feeling you get simply by holding this stone in your hand is amazing.  One of the best things about lithium in quartz is its ability to help us make transformational changes peacefully and equably.  It enhances clarity and the ability to see where the next step may be, before we go off in a hundred different directions.

Use lithium quartz in meditation to help you gain clarity about discarding what you no longer need in order to help you to move forward.  With its gentle balancing energy, it will make any information you receive, or changes you must make, seem easy and effortless (or at least easier than they can sometimes seem).  When in meditation with this stone, it can be helpful to have a pen and paper nearby to write down thoughts and intuitions about your next steps of transformation.

This crystal also works with the central nervous system in the physical body.  It is useful to employ when there seem to be energy blasts from the Universe that are not easily absorbed by the body.  It becomes a bridge between energy and matter, allowing the physical body to more easily adapt to higher energies.

I like to use lithium quartz on my heart chakra, or with clients on their heart chakra.  It brings about a sense that everything is in perfect order, there is nothing to worry about.

Lepidolite, in its tumbled form is also a good stone to use for balance and stress relief.  It is another stone that contains lithium.  This stone is good to use by your bed or under your pillow to bring on sleep, or enhance your rest.  It is a balancer of emotional energies and is hellpful in quieting those voices in the head that keep us from sleep.

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Tangerine Quartz and Celestite

I just put up some new additions to a couple of my favorite healing crystals.  There are certain stones that are old favorites for a reason - their healing abilities are strong, clear and powerful.  Two of these stones are Tangerine Quartz and Celestite. 

Tangerine Quartz is a staple in my healing tool kit.  I use it all the time for clearing and energizing the second chakra.  This is a place where fear is held for many people.  The second chakra is a place of old wounds which, if not cleared, can hinder us from leading the full creative lives we were born to live. 

This quartz also clears the etheric field of debris, such as negative energy or thought patterns, and many of the “shoulds” that are placed on us by ourselves and others.

When using tangerine quartz for second chakra work, simply place it on the chakra and allow it to clear and regenerate the energy of this place on your body.  If old fears or emotions come up during this time, realize that they are moving through to clear, and they can pass without any attachment on your part.  (Obviously, if there is deep trauma, this should be done with a trained healer or therapist.)

To clear the etheric field, you will need another person to work with you.  This technique is best done lying down.  Have the second person visualize a transparent piece of graph paper over the body, and begin to move the crystal in a grid-like pattern through your energy field 2 - 4 inches from your body.  If done correctly, you will feel an energizing and regenerative energy.  The person holding the crystal will feel a slight pulling or tugging when the crystal is moving at the correct distance from the body.

This crystal has a very calming effect as well as being deeply restorative.  If used on a regular basis, it can re-connect you with the joy of being a fully creative and expressive being, while staying firmly connected to your physical body.  When you use this stone, you will need to clear it on a regular basis.  This can be done by many different ways, but running it under cold water is one good way.

Celestite on the other hand, is a great stone for meditation.  It moves us out of the body and into more celestial realms.  I use this stone to connect with the angelic realm.  It is also tremendously calming in times of stress.

By gazing into its many-faceted beauty, you can begin to feel calmer and more centered.

If you want to go into a deeper meditation, use your Celestite and a candle (if you like) and increase your focus into the crystal.  Before you begin, ask for your angel or guide to be present and known to you in whatever way you perceive energy (visual, auditory, empathic, etc.).  You may also have a specific question in mind when you begin your meditation. 

Once you have asked your guide or angel to be with you, gaze deeply into the crystal and use it as a focus for your mind.  Breathe naturally and stay in a relaxed state.  Celestite creates a field that is quite magical.  Before too long, you will begin to feel or see angelic presence.  You may want to have a pen and paper handy to write down thoughts or impressions that seem to come out of nowhere.

Angelic guidance can be very subtle.  It is not necessarily a “Hollywood production moment”.  If you are still and focused, you will begin to perceive guidance.  It will come as a feeling or whisper maybe, or a picture you can sketch.  Be patient with this process.  If you are consistent, the guidance is always there.  Use your celestite to connect more easily with it. 

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