Spirit Dancer Fall Schedule 2014

Sept. 5-7               Celebration Expo, Denver, CO More Information

Sept. 20-21           Journeys to Sacred Places Workshop More Information

Sept. 26-28           Trunk Show and Healing Sessions, Cosmic Connections, Nashville, TN More Information

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Journeys to Sacred Places and Sacred Places

Explore Aztalan at the Equinox

This two-day workshop will explore the sacred site of Aztalan State Park in Wisconsin.  We will reconnect and re-energize our dormant powers on the fall equinox.  The workshop presents a unique opportunity to explore and do ceremony on sacred land.  The park is an archeological site of an ancient Middle-Mississippian village from A.D. 1000 t0 1300 with two major mounds. Having meditated and explored there at other times, I can say that there is a strong connection to the memory of the stars that is seeded within all of us.

We will explore our ancient past and connect with the energies of Aztalan, going deep within to remember who we are as spirits having a human experience.  In keeping with the spirit of the equinox, this workshop will focus on release and empowerment.  Additionally, we will create a despacho offering and sacred fire to assist with release and re-balancing. 

For more information and to register click here.  Or contact Lois Remeikis at or Jean Tindle at .

The Details

Date:        September 20-21, 2014

Time:       10:00 am Sat. to 1:00 pm Sun.

Place:       Home of Lois Remeikis, Genesee, WI (directions provided on registration)

Cost:         $250.00 ($225 before 8/30/14) Cost includes lunch and dinner Sat. and lunch on Sun.  Does not include lodging

Bring:       Small mesa and a stone for the group mesa that will be returned to you.

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Lithium Quartz

Stone of Peace and Calming

Lately, almost everyone I talk to at shows or in healing sessions will sooner or later ask me - “What is a good stone to relieve stress, to calm me, to bring more balance into my life?” My go-to response for this is quartz with lithium, or lepidolite (which also contains lithium).

The calm and soothing feeling you get simply by holding this stone in your hand is amazing.  One of the best things about lithium in quartz is its ability to help us make transformational changes peacefully and equably.  It enhances clarity and the ability to see where the next step may be, before we go off in a hundred different directions.

Use lithium quartz in meditation to help you gain clarity about discarding what you no longer need in order to help you to move forward.  With its gentle balancing energy, it will make any information you receive, or changes you must make, seem easy and effortless (or at least easier than they can sometimes seem).  When in meditation with this stone, it can be helpful to have a pen and paper nearby to write down thoughts and intuitions about your next steps of transformation.

This crystal also works with the central nervous system in the physical body.  It is useful to employ when there seem to be energy blasts from the Universe that are not easily absorbed by the body.  It becomes a bridge between energy and matter, allowing the physical body to more easily adapt to higher energies.

I like to use lithium quartz on my heart chakra, or with clients on their heart chakra.  It brings about a sense that everything is in perfect order, there is nothing to worry about.

Lepidolite, in its tumbled form is also a good stone to use for balance and stress relief.  It is another stone that contains lithium.  This stone is good to use by your bed or under your pillow to bring on sleep, or enhance your rest.  It is a balancer of emotional energies and is hellpful in quieting those voices in the head that keep us from sleep.

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